About B. Keeper

Art has preoccupied me since birth. It has been a vehicle for expression, entertainment, and communication. If born today, I would have been given drugs in lieu of crayon and paper to stay focused. I was blessed with supportive parents, teachers, and institutions.

Rembrandt, Van Gogh,and Matisse were my mentors. Expressionism is my favorite period. I was privileged to attend the High School for Performing and Visual Arts in Houston which culminated with a MFA from East Texas State University. 

I love to travel and work on location. It offers a unique opportunity to slow down and experience a place, as well as meeting hosts and fellow travelers. I have enjoyed both wilderness and urban settings. Each offers its own challenges. When I can not get out and at times of deep emotion, I have turned my focus inward creating "Psychic-scapes". Given the choice, I can never resist "D-all of the above” which brings us to my name.

Brianna, Brian. For some the “a” is silent. I identify as gender different. Living somewhere in the middle of the gender spectrum. Life is Good. Paint is Strong!