RANGER III 24 X 30 2005

Once a week this ship ferries people and goods from the mainland to Isle Royale. She docks overnight, and the crew hauls trash and people home. The Ranger is more than the single largest piece of equipment maintained by the Department of Interior. She is a lifeline in a long line of lifelines, that have enabled humans to survive on a rock in the middle of the largest freshwater lake, by surface area, on Earth. Lake Superior is the third largest lake on Earth by volume, and holds 10% of our planets freshwater. Native Americans canoed here for the seasonal fishing grounds and copper mining. European developers followed, and when their lifeline sank, they perished on the island. There is a reverence for the Ranger by all who dwell here. Without her, life on the island would be very difficult and limited. I have made 5 crossings on her and have been grateful each time.

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