MARSH @30X24 2005

Back at Isle Royale National Park for my second season. Thought I might show what my underdrawing looks like before it is painted over. This trip I did not have a cabin, but spent three weeks in a tent. It is a huge challenge to carry food, gear, paint and canvas, when each gram is felt with every step. The Park Service let me stash extra supplies in storage so I could periodically resupply my backpack. As a rule, you could only spend one or two nights at each campsite. This was tough because I had to recover from each hike before I could paint and then move on. I am embarrassed to say, through my blisters and tears, that I would get passed on the trail by people 15 years my senior. A week to ten days between showers was surpassed by the joys of witnessing a flush toilet and eating a greasy cheeseburger. For most of this trip, I dreamed about food.

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