SOUTH BEACH 24X20 2004

I did several paintings in South Beach but this is the only one I have documented...oops! In hindsight, it was an important trip. I was still reeling from a month in Las Vegas. I was seeing patterns and hearing the ding, ding, ding, punctuated by "Wheel of Fortune" from the slot machines. My sister in law invited me to come chill, and paint, while her production crew shot scenes for a television show. S. Beach is worth it just for the coffee in the bodegas! One evening, we met for dinner at a place with long picnic tables that strangers would share. Across from me sat a very tall transgender woman and her date. I remember thinking, Wow, what is this person's life like. I could not shake her from my consciousness. Even today, she sits beside me like a six foot rabbit.

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