The weather continued to be dismal but I had a plan. I would scout locations I could work in inclement weather. This spot along side and under the Rijksmuseum was perfect. I am working away, eyes up, head back, when the tenor of the people around me suddenly changes. The Dutch who were all speaking English suddenly start speaking nervously in their native tongue. I knew something was very wrong. I gathered my gear and headed to the nearest Brown Bar. This is a pub which most have T.V. for sports. It was September 11. The hostel was crazy. People were arguing and complaining about being stuck in Amsterdam. Like everyone, I watched the news for two days before venturing out again. I had been filmed by the Dutch National Television when I was in Rotterdam. It aired on 9/11. When I spoke to the producer months later, she told me they were so grateful to have something positive to air on that day. My situational memory from 9/11 is when the Dutch spoke Dutch. That would be Double Dutch. Life has changed. Traveling and working on site is a burdensome and suspicious activity. Liberty and freedom have diminished. Creativity has been digitized. When I view this piece, I think of the lives and losses from that day forward.

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