MEN AT WORK @24X20 2001

I separated this painting from the other crane paintings because of my interactions with the two workmen. One approached me and asked, "how much?" I told him. He rolled his eyes and said, "nice work but I don't get it". I asked him how much he made a day.  None of my business . I asked him how much he was willing to pay. He thought $50 dollars would be fair when it was done. He would generously offer me less than $15 a day for my work. The other guy showed up with his notebook of drawings. We talked about art. He said he would look at his job site differently, now that he saw there was art in it. He was hesitant to call himself an artist. I believe there is only one requirement. You make art. If the first question is about price, generally, that is all they are interested in.

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