I adored this funky old building and decided it would look best at night. I picked a Saturday night to set up on an elevated warehouse dock. This allowed me to be out of the way of the throngs of club kids, mounted police, horse carriages, and ever circling autos. Working away, I was soon joined by a curious veteran in a wheelchair. He invited me to join him for a joint. I said sure but I would have to pack up so we could go somewhere discreet. He told me no because he was invisible. If a patrol approached, I was to hand him the refeer. Pretty soon there was a party going on around me while I worked. “Sam” had a pharmacopoeia on his person and was willing to share with anyone who wanted to join. I stayed working till sunrise. This was one of the most rockus and crazy, fun evenings I experienced in Austin. I never ran into Sam again. There is a party going on in my heart every time I see this painting.

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