FROST PLAZA 24X20 2000

I love plazas. We don’t have enough of them. After the seasons of unrest, civil disobedience (war and race), city planners avoided incorporating them. On the campus of U.T. they erected fountains and planters to break up large gathering spaces. I have lost count of the number of times I have been asked to quit a place I was working in. Seems ridiculous but true. I am always conscious of not blocking egress and what is public domain versus private. Usually I set up on public easement. Private security doesn’t generally understand the distinction. Frost security asked me to leave. I refused, explaining I was in a public right of way. Tootsweet, they sent out a groundskeeper with a leaf blower. I secured my stuff and held my ground. Austin police arrived instructing me I was loitering. I protested because I was working and not vending. They agreed and I was allowed to finish my work. The irony was, on the street were banners advertising Frost Bank's sponsorship of a show at the museum. There are many challenges to working on location.

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