BOAT AND BIKE 20X16 1999

I thought this a quintessential view of Amsterdam. A boat on a canal with a bike on top. It is a nomads wet dream. The swing keels allow this vessel to navigate shallow bays and berth level on mud flats till the tide returns.
I am working away on this one, and perhaps drooling a little, when I am rudely interrupted. "Why are you painting this crap. You are pandering to tourists. This is not art." I put my headphones on and tuned this asshole out. A bit later, I took a break and visited "Dutch Flowers". This was a touted marijuana "coffee shop". The "asshole" turned out to be the manager. I immediately accused him of selling out and pandering to tourists. We then had a lively debate about what is art. I argued that beauty is often discounted as low art, and angst driven work is elevated to high art. We ended up sharing several espressos and joints. It was very pleasant.

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