ERECTION 20X16 1999

A crane, on a barge, in a canal, in Amsterdam...duh! My evenings were spent walking the streets looking for the next motif to paint. This one was like a gift. It felt like it painted itself. The three "X"s in the sky are the coat of arms of the city. Not two people gave me the same explanation as to what they symbolize. I liked them and they were cast on everything municipal.
People on the street assumed I was a resident and were always asking directions. My map and I would oblige them. I found the natives extremely nice and polite. Asherblief and dank u vell always conjured a smile. To my parents delight, with the magic of hashish, I developed a passion for herring which I still have today. Falafel, herring and midnight fries were my daily staples.

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