CÓRDOBA 20X16 1999

I checked into my pension, explored the city, and determined my vantage point to paint the Mosquita. The interior of this mosque houses a forest of marble columns unrivaled in the world. Set up includes stretching canvas, organizing my material and padding my butt. Besides school groups, I noticed large groups of teenagers interacting with unsavory 30 and 40 year olds. I wasn't concerned. There were plenty of police with automatic weapons. These groups cycled out over time. A large group of 9 to 12 twelve year old boys discovered me and admired my work. I don't think the adults liked the attention I was getting. Pretty soon these boys were coming behind me and screaming into my ear. I didn't understand that this was aggression at first. I thought it was just the language barrier. How do you defend yourself against children? Next thing I knew, the adults and police were kicking my legs telling me I had been there long enough. I quickly packed my stuff and escaped. Back at my room I removed my pack. It had been covered in chewing gum, which was now all over my clothes and long hair. Hence, the bubblegum colored painting. I recalled my friend's warning and booked the next train for Barcelona. Besides, I was growing weary of cured meats and fried potatoes. Barcelona promised vegetables and hashish.

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