Before continuing to the next image, I will fill a gap in time. Enricki picked me up in his car and we visited the Alhambra. The architectural detail, gardens and water features put me in a meditative, zen like trance. The time, patience and variety of design is astounding. I wandered from spot to spot, letting the peace and beauty of the place wash over me. Enricki gifted a copy of Washington Irving's TALES of the ALHAMBRA. Irving resided there while writing about its storied past. Published in 1832, Irving is credited with making the Alhambra a travel destination.
Midday we set out for some mountain villages to hike between. Enricki explained, as we walked, life had not changed for some residents in centuries. As if on cue, a family group approached us on the trail with Abuela (grandma) on a donkey. Smiling, Enricki, turned and said,"you see"! I laughed because he had not noticed that Abuela was on a cell phone. The two days hiking was a nice vacation from my vacation. It felt good to put my brushes aside and just use my body. I was heading to Córdoba next and Enricki offered to drop me off there. He had a very peculiar warning. Be careful in Córdoba. They don't like outsiders, whether Spaniard or not. I would miss having a travel companion as solo travel can me lonely. I would find other ways to remedy that soon.

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