This is where the magic happens. Seville was amazing and this location was exceptional. I was intimidated by the perspective and all the visual information. I drew it lightly in charcoal several times on my canvas, before I had the composition I wanted. After that,I was able to have fun. I remember how badly my butt hurt sitting on the ground. This would be the last trip I would take without a stool. I had to eat aspirin every four hours. The magic was another lonely traveler, Sol, an architecture student from Mexico City. She sat with me and told me interesting facts about the park and the city. We immediately bonded and spent two days bouncing around Seville. She was 20 and running away from an arranged marriage. I thought her very brave. She had been working illegally across Europe for several months, harvesting tulips and waiting tables. 

This was the first city I camped in. It was relatively uncomfortable with the campground at the end of an airport runway. They did have shuttles back and forth to town. I did not care as I would crash early and make good use of the daylight. My pack was scary heavy. Paint, tacks, canvas, brushes, clothes, tent, coat, sleeping bag, pad, rainwear journal, maps, sunscreen, meds, and a bunch of other essentials.

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