PRESSURE 10X8 1997

You will have to indulge me while I process depression and an eventual breakdown. For the remainder of 1997 and all of 1998, I moved to Austin, Texas and I barely ventured outside. My focus turned inward. Eventually I sought help and went on antidepressants . These had an adverse effect which got very scary, very quickly. This was one of the few periods in my art career that I kept an art studio. To help defray studio costs, I became a cricket rancher. The songs of my herd kept this cowgirl riding on. Yippie Kai Yea motherfuckers. It gets better!

I am back to my spirals, but mixing them with figurative symbols. There is no determined orientation. I was trying to convey the pressure of surviving as a creative. I was 40 years old and had no partner, community, or authentic identity other than artist.

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