TOMALES FENCE  20X16  1996

This is the trailhead for Tomales Point in Point Reyes. It is a 3 or 4 mile trail to a point of land which creates the mouth of Tomales bay. The trail is chiefly volcanic sand. Outfitted with a 30lbs backpack I hiked to the point passing beautiful scenery and a heard of elk. If you have ever walked across loose sand you might imagine how strenuous this hike was. Reaching the end, I decided the place I wanted to paint was at the beginning. Go figure. 

I decided to stay with a black and white palette on this painting until the very end. I liked the compositional element of the fence drawing your eye towards the horizon and the arduous path. There is something cathartic about completely draining yourself physically before sitting down to create. Everything drops away a little quicker except the task at hand.

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