VEDANTA  30X26  1996

In the middle of the park is a large parcel of land owned by the Vedanta Society. It is a beautiful place of spiritual retreat. There are many rules governing behavior. They are in place to encourage a spiritual talking, smoking,...etc. I was thrilled when I got permission to paint on the property. I was in love with a crop of eucalyptus trees. It is such a sensual experience to nestle below the canopy of these fragrant giants. I was in a quiet frenzy painting. Devotees would stroll by, occasionally writing notes of encouragement. Suddenly, a pair took offense by my presence with threats and curses. I wrote that I had permission and thought they had missed the point of Vedanta. I hope they got something from their visit. I got a couple of hours of meditative work and a nice momento. It is funny what you take away from an experience. I try not to color 16 hours in an eden by 5 minutes of negativity.

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