POND  24X20  1994

Spent another lovely day watching the baboons (they are on top of the rocks), and watering poison lizards with my spray bottle. I would moisten my canvas and the lizards would flock to the droplets. It was mesmerizing.

A few words about hunting. I hope not to offend. Zimbabwe opened my eyes on several fronts. Hunting is primal, just as cultivating land and domesticating animals is primal. What is decimating the great herds and predators of Africa is cattle and sheep. Fencing and traps to a greater degree and hunting and poaching to a lessor. Just as here in North America, fences restrict the movement of wild grazing animals. Countries without hunting have seen their herd numbers dwindle. These animals are trapped on preserves. When they venture out they are killed by landowners for destroying crops and livestock. Where hunting is legal, these animals are seen as a resource. The rancher is less likely to trap and kill and is more inclined to manage this resource. I have not even mentioned how human development is affecting wildlife, ranching and farming. I am not an advocate. This is just an observation. Flying from Cape Verde Islands to Johannesburg at night, there was no place I could see without electricity and light.

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