LEOPARD CAMP  @36X48  1994

Being surrounded by the cycles of life and death was unnerving. I had never been around large mammals dying. Seeing life extinguished, the light leave the eyes, shook me profoundly. I still eat meat but I am cognizant of their sacrifice. I raised a steer in high school. My family ate him, but I did not, nor could I have, dispatched him. These complex emotions are represented in the fire ring and skulls in the foreground. As to the life, with night the mice would overwhelm us. They ate our shoes and climbed up your legs. They were everywhere, climbing over us in our beds. This is one of the foundations of the food chain. The shrieks of warthog being attacked by large cats was bone chilling. As quickly as they started, the cries would stop and a throbbing, guttural purr filled the night air. This sound was not only heard but felt in my chest. I would fall asleep chanting, good kitty, good kitty.

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