BABOON FLATS  24X30  1994

Zimbabwe 1994 had a brief period of peace and optimism rubbing elbows with her neighbor, South Africa. At sunrise, the hunters, and trackers would go off and I would go the opposite direction. I hiked to this watering hole to paint and watch wildlife. The granite outcropping in the upper right slowly became a metropolis of baboon inhabitants. Warthogs, fish eagles, and toucan looking birds came to this watering hole. I kept my eyes on the baboons. They crept nearer as the day progressed. These are massive, intelligent animals with prominent canines. Finally, they thirstily ventured to the waters edge eventually ignoring my presence. In a flash, they grabbed babies and disappeared into the rocks. A half hour later I faintly heard the sound of a jeeps motor. It was men with guns. Smart beings knew I wasn't a threat and the men in jeeps were.

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