SALLY PORT  20X16  1993

Pulled into Rice Visitor parking in Matilda, my VW Campmobile, and sparked up a joint. I never liked driving high. I knew I would be there for several hours. Gathered two canvasses and supplies and started to depart for my predetermined views of Sallyport. A very long haired, hippie looking, man approached me. He started cussing and ranting about smelling weed then left. Still gathering chair, paint, hat lotion, water, etc..., campus police approached me in their car. They asked if I saw anything suspicious. Knowing where this was heading, I said I witnessed an angry man cursing and acting erratic. At this point the officer said, "You are Brian Keeper." I was in that days Houston Chronicle. Kept thinking I was more notorious, than famous. Painted a vertical and horizontal view of Sallyport with Oak Trees. 

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