STARDOM  66X54"  1991

I want to give a shout out to HSPVA class of 76. Our 40th Reunion is this Saturday. I was incredibly lucky to be a part of this group. I had three formative passions; Art, Agriculture, and Music. I got to experience all three in a substantive way before I finished high school. At Bellaire High (go Cardinals) I was in FFA and raised a steer. HSPVA immersed me in art. My musical friends always let me sit in on guitar at jams.

Another day and night spent in the valley making a large scale painting of Half Dome. This is a very impasto painting. It was fun to create. Campers stopped by and told me stories of their childhoods camping in Yosemite. Just to the left is Bridal Veil Falls, where they used to have giant bonfires on top and push them over the falls. It must have been spectacular.

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