THE MATRIARCH  @48X24  1991

This is the piece I donated to the Yosemite Museum. The awe inspiring presence of these giant sequoia is overwhelming. Forget about atheists in foxholes, ten minutes with one of these and we are all Druids. 

Let me tell you about getting here. First, apply! Go to; and search artist residencies. There are many. Duration is one to six weeks. Some have stipends. Open to poets, writers, musicians, sculptors, dancers...all art areas. They are not looking for representative art necessarily , just art, period! I applied in 1989 for Yosemite and a local show in Austin. Yosemite had 50 applicants, local show had 300 entries. I also got a residency at Isle Royale National Park in 2004. More about that later, BUT, I was rejected twice. So keep applying. It is an amazing experience. Also, give yourself a residency. Camping is cheap. I have painted the world over out of a backpack and a tent.

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