CRATER LAKE  24X30  1989

Heading west to of Yellowstone, the major routes go north to Seattle or south to San Francisco. I went due west on small roads, across barren Eastern Oregon to Crater Lake. At almost 2000 feet deep it is the deepest lake in the USA. The deep blue color of the water takes your breath away. I stared at it for a day and a half before I could attempt to paint it. The campground has no view so I worked near the visitor center. The Sidewalk Astronomers of San Francisco happened to be there to celebrate a monk that developed a way to make incredibly strong telescopes by amateurs. Nat. Geo. was there to document the whole thing. They invited me to stay on the rim all night and look through a couple of dozen telescopes at different heavenly bodies. It was awesome! Someone wanted my painting, so I snapped a photo of it and sold it. Unfortunately it is a very poor image of the painting.

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