DUNRAVEN PASS  24X30  1989

This is Grizzly country in Yellowstone. I was prepared. I had my bell and a marijuana brownie. Talk about scary fun, this was it! While painting, I have seen amazing wild life. Black and brown bear, mountain lion, fox, coyote, moose, deer, and countless others. I am usually sitting, quietly, on or near the ground. I like to think my 5'1" tender frame would make a nice meal. I am frequently high and scared. It makes the journey fun. I have done this in the Sierras, Mexico, Zimbabwe and countless other places. Anyway, I rang that bell like crazy. When I'd hear something, I would jump up, yell, and hold my canvas over my head to make myself bigger. I scared the wits out of a few hikers and ground squirrels.

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