Thoughts on Travel and Paint

My experience painting in NYC taught me many lessons which I carry with me today. Protection from the sun and elements mean the difference between fatigue after one hour versus six hours. A hat, sunscreen, clothing, and a stool are some of my essential tools. Avoiding high traffic areas and location to an available bathroom add to a more comfortable experience. Wind can make painting on location a challenge. Working large, I usually secure my canvas with a halyard to avoid it blowing away or into a bystander. Painting 24x30" and under I typically work without an easel. My favorite size is 16 x 20". I love the intimacy and immediacy of the smaller scale. I call these my lap dances as the are done without an easel. Finally, working on location is an invitation to meet people. I've been invited to dinners, parties, available couches, and various hospitalities from locals. 

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