WAYNE 10X8 1999

Mr Wylie is a much beloved member of the Ruta Community. An elder of the tribe, Wayne has a calming/centering effect on all those around him. Concerning his chess opponents, Wayne told me, he was looking for unique and interesting games rather than "worthy" opponents. Most of us had our "trials of life" and were figuring a way forward. Wayne appeared to know which path to take. He was the first to welcome me when I walked into Ruta a stranger.

SEX 30X24 1999

I have enjoyed displaying this piece in venues where "no nudity" was the rule. I would give it an ambiguous title.  It is a kick to watch viewers discover the figures and content. Admittedly, the image is abstract. Like myself, this piece has no definitive orientation. There is no top. There is no bottom.

CHECK 8X10 1999

I have never been around as many chess players as this period at Ruta Maya. It was a blood sport. I am pretty certain the player on the left is Blair Fox. His signature style at the time was a red vest and a crisp shirt. I was pleased with the mood of this piece. I felt it portrayed focus and resignation. 

ICY VOICES 8X10 1999

Another piece in the "TRA" lineage .  I was reading Neruda, playing guitar and writing poetry at the time. I like when my disparate interests converge and begin hitchhiking on one another.


Another quiet revolutionary drinking coffee at Ruta Maya. I like that this painting is a double portrait. Viva Cuba! Viva Argentina!