This was the mantra of my mentor. He was an eccentric and enormous talent, who made monumental architectural "moments" because he could. His beautiful and dangerous constructions were held together with Liquid Nails and perpetual painting. He died too soon in 98 and this was my tribute to him. I broke down after this and sought help. A psychiatrist friend prescribed a challenge. He wanted me to leave the studio and go to a different coffee shop everyday. On the third day, I found my place and quit the studio altogether. Paint is Strong! It can heal, it can bind, and it can dissect.


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SELF LOVE various sizes 1998

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NOTHING 26X30 1998

More of my nihilistic nothingness. All these pieces have a half full, half empty ambiguity. I took pleasure in this color combination and composition. Sorry if my language offends but if you are looking at this as "half full", it is a very positive statement.

PLMESE 8X10 1998

Hey kids, I'm not making this stuff up. Wait a minute, yes I am. I'd rather have feed back than tell all my stories.