CROSSWIRE  20X16  1993

Going to tool around Houston a bit in these next images. This is the view from Mulberry Park in Bellaire. I relish all the perspective. I can romance the high power super structures into the Eiffel Tower, Oui? A girl can dream, No?


TOOL LIFE  20X16  1993

This is a tribute to my Great Uncle Julius and my father, David. Julius hoarded tools and hardware. He was an inventor, vaudeville actor and house painter. He had three structures full of stuff. The tablesaw came from one of those warehouses. My dad, an architect, is also a reasonable carpenter. I can cut a good mitre and  keep most of my fingers (so far)!


COMPOST  24X20  1992

I am going to stick with the mundane for a bit. This was my compost pile and a very thoughtful wedding present, my wheelbarrow. Inspiration is a fickle thing. Sometimes it is better to prime the well, rather than wait for inspiration to strike. I have painted several lawnmowers, rakes, tillers, keys, and several versions of my left hand toward this end. I have found something of value in each piece. In this painting, I imagine the barrow as a fighter in the corner of the ring. The corner is the essence here. The sound of a basketball being dribbled and the squeak of a swing comes from the adjacent yard. To borrow from Master Ross, it is a happy rot.


PARTY FAVORS  20X16  1992

Some where I have a time lapse of this painting on VHS. I love the snippets of sound. My puppy, Moi chimes in at one point. I paint what appears in my life. These are a few of my vices. Some artist paint fish, onions and ham. I am focusing on caffeine, nicotine, and THC.


LUCY  10X8  1992

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